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Frequently customers will ask us to check their fluids, but the question is which fluids are you interested in us checking? "Do you know how many different kinds of fluids there are in a vehicle." In general, the different fluids in the car include Oil, Coolant, Transmission, Power Steering, Brake, and Differential Fluids. Additionally there are transfer case fluids in 4WD vehicles. At Auto Correct Car Care we top off the washer fluid with every oil change.
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In addition to changing your oil and oil filter as part of our regular oil change service, we do a 66 point courtesy inspection.  We check over all the major components and systems to determine what may need service in the next few months.  We will print out a list of repair recommendation as well as any factory scheduled maintenance that would be due soon.   It is our job to make sure your vehicle is safe and running as efficiently as possible.  We like you to be prepared for any upcoming maintenance,  that way there are no surprises both functionally and economically. Additionally, during your oil change, we will rotate the tires, top off all fluids and check that the brakes and all the lights are functioning properly.
April showers bring more than flowers, they bring a need for good wiper blades.  Wiper blades typically last 3-6 months.   As your rubber wiper blades endure the elements, they start losing their flexibility and become brittle. The rubber cracks and tears. The blades wear down, exposing metal. If your wiper blades are smearing, smudging, streaking, rubbing, or hopping on your windshield and most importantly, if you can’t see well when your blades go back and forth, it’s time for a wiper replacement.

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