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Are you having trouble with your vehicle bucking or jerking as you are driving? This means there could be an issue in either the transmission or the engine.  A misfire in the engine normally would show as a flashing check engine light on the dashboard.  Misfire issues are normally caused by an ignition or fuel problem. Something like a bad spark plug, dirty throttle body or idle air control motor or faulty mass air flow sensor.  Check engine codes can be checked with a scan tool that can assist in the diagnosis of the issue.  There is the possibility that the issue is an internal issue in the transmission when shifting between gears.  If the problem is in the transmission and not the engine we would recommend a specialty transmission shop that could fully diagnose and repair the issue.  Transmissions are so unique, that the repairing and rebuilding them have become a specialty of their own. Here at Auto Correct Car Care, we would be able to determine the best course of action for the vehicle demonstrating this type of problem.
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We get a lot of calls from people looking for used tires.  We sell new tires, but we do not sell used tires.  The reason why is that they are just unsafe.  We feel that our job is to make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible.  We think of our customers as family and we would not want our family to be unsafe when traveling at high speeds down the highway. With used tires you do not know the history of the tire.  It could have been driven overloaded, under inflated, not aligned or at excessively high speeds.  Many times the damage is internal and is not visible from the outside. Additionally, rubber has a shelf life and can degrade over time, so even an unused spare tire could be past it's prime and not up to the quality we like to give our customers.     We do not feel that the cost savings you would get from having a used tire overrides the quality and safety we pride ourselves in.  
As the temperature and humidity increase the air conditioner actually has to work a lot harder to pull the moisture and the heat out of the air to make it feel cool in the cabin.  Typically and efficient and effective vehicle AC would see a 30 degree drop from the outside temperature.  So when the temperature reaches upper 90 the 30 degree difference doesn't feel as cool as it did when it was only 80.  The higher the humidity the less of a temperature difference you will see. 

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