As the temperature and humidity increase the air conditioner actually has to work a lot harder to pull the moisture and the heat out of the air to make it feel cool in the cabin.  Typically and efficient and effective vehicle AC would see a 30 degree drop from the outside temperature.  So when the temperature reaches upper 90 the 30 degree difference doesn't feel as cool as it did when it was only 80.  The higher the humidity the less of a temperature difference you will see. 
Unless you just refilled your fuel tank and there is residual fuel vapor or you have left your gas cap off, then yes, it is a bad thing.  First you want to look under the vehicle to see if there is anything leaking.  If you see something leaking have it towed, DO NOT DRIVE IT! If nothing is leaking you'll want to determine where you smell the fuel the most.  If you smell it more towards the back it could be unburned fuel from the exhaust or a leak in the fuel tank or filler neck/hoses or it could be the vapor recovery system leaking commonly known as the EVAP.  If you smell it more towards the front it could be part of the fuel injection system leaking.  The smell of fuel is defiantly something you should have checked out.  
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You want to give your vehicle a check up before you head out down the road.  Check over these systems.     Oil--When was the last time you had your oil changed?  How many miles will you be putting on the car for this trip?  Should you have the oil changed prior to the trip? Battery--Make sure your battery is in good condition. Have it checked for cranking amps, charge status and clean off the terminals Tires--Check the tread on your tires and make sure you don't have any nails, leaks or bulges.  Check the tire pressure.  You may want to have your alignment checked if it has been a while or you have noticed the vehicle not driving straight. Coolant--You will want to make sure your engine does not over heat.  Check the reservoir and top it off.  Listen to your car.  You drive your car every day and know it best.  If you feel any shakes, hear odd noises or are concerned about anything it is better to get it checked before you leave rather than be stranded on the side of the road.  

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