The power steering pump generates extremely high temperatures and pressures that can cause failure without notice. High quality BG power steering fluid will make sure that doesn’t happen.


BG power steering products remove residues from the entire steering system, ensuring smooth, quiet operation while preventing leaks, sticking and wear of parts.

BG Power Clean is a specially formulated blend of anti-wear ingredients, antioxidants and seal conditioners. It protects the power steering system from the effects of heat and wear.


Fluid contamination is the leading cause of premature wear in power steering systems. Oxidation byproducts, hose material, and metallic debris accumulate in power steering fluid. As this contaminated fluid is pumped through the power steering system under very high pressure, it causes abrasive wear in the pump and rack assembly, which leads to pump noise, erratic steering, and eventual mechanical failure.


BG Power Clean is a high quality synthetic blend power steering fluid. It is a specially formulated, professional-use product that features ingredients not found in ordinary power steering fluids. With anti-wear agents to prevent damage to the spool valve housing and other components and anti-oxidants to prevent fluid breakdown, BG Power Clean extends fluid life.

BG Quick Clean for Power Steering safely and effectively eliminates accumulated deposits from power steering pumps, lines, racks, and valves.


Power steering systems experience extremely high fluid pressures and temperatures. These conditions cause power steering fluid to break down rapidly, losing fluid lubrication capabilities over time. Even under normal operation, the power steering system produces abrasive wear metals that cause seal and valve damage. This wear can eventually lead to expensive component failure.


BG Quick Clean for Power Steering cleans contaminants from the power steering system quickly and safely. Installed by a professional, it removes deposits from power steering pumps, lines, racks, and valves.

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