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No matter what the weather, you want to be comfortable in your car. If your heat is not working on a cold winter day or your air conditioning is not working on that 90+ day with high humidity, then that will not happen. That’s why Auto Correct Car Care offers comprehensive auto AC repair and service in Finksburg, MD.

We can help maintain and repair both the heating and air conditioning system. These systems also work in conjunction with the engine cooling system.

Auto Air Conditioning Near Me

Repairing the AC and getting it to blow cold again could be a multi step process. There are many different parts that make up the air conditioning system. The blower fans, compressor, evap core and refrigerant (Freon) all work together to cool the air and then circulate it into the cabin through your vents.

The AC system is a closed system, but sometimes you can develop holes and cracks that release the refrigerant. In order to determine where the leak is, we will add an ultraviolet dye into the AC system. The dye allows us to see where the refrigerant is leaking from and repair the correct part.

Heating System

The heater in a car uses the same coolant that the engine uses to maintain its temperature. That is why your heat will not be warm until the engine itself has reached a warm temperature. The heating system uses the same blower fans as the AC, but also has a heater core, which is a mini radiator and acts as a heat exchanger.

In order for the heat in the vehicle to work properly it is important to maintain the engine cooling system. Having the thermostat working properly and maintaining the proper clean coolant to water mixture can play a role in weather your heat will warm the cabin of your car efficiently.

Cabin Air Filter

Don’t forget about the cabin air filter. It collects dust, pollen and other air borne contaminants before the air that is drawn into the climate control system is pushed out the vents. It is used in both the heating and air conditioning system. The cabin air filter should be checked during your regular maintenance and replaced when dirty. The frequency of this could depend on where you live, drive and store your car.

If your car does not have a filter or you live a in a high humidity environment, mold and dirt build up can occur. If it remedies this, we can perform a BG Climate Control Service that will clean and disinfect the air handling system. For auto AC repair or service in Finksburg, MD, call us today to schedule your next appointment. Learn More

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