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Most used vehicles are required by Maryland Law to undergo a safety inspection prior to its sale or transfer. Additionally, if you are moving into the state and plan to retitle the vehicle you will need a Maryland State Inspection (MSI). We are an authorized Maryland State Inspection Station and can inspect any vehicle under 10,000 lbs, or trailers under 10,000 lbs. Your vehicle will need to pass a Maryland state inspection prior to receiving tags. Additionally, as an authorized inspection station we can handle any repair orders you may recieve from the state police. Below is a list of everything that will be checked, this list is managed by the Maryland State Police.

Inspection Fees

Passenger Cars and 1/2 Ton Trucks w/Single Rear Wheels $90.00
3/4 & 1 Ton Trucks & Vans with Single Rear Wheels $125.00
Trailers Without Brakes $48.00
Trailers with Brakes on 1 Axle $78.00
Trailers with Brakes on 2 Axels $108.00
Reinspection Fees (if work is completed somewhere else)
Re-Inspection–No Lift Required No Charge
Re-Inspection–Lift Required $20.00
Re-Inspection–Lift and Wheel Removal Required $40.00
We are unable to inspect any vehicle or trailers equipped with air brakes

Inspection Criteria

Vehicles – GVWR Equal to or Less Than 10,000 Pounds Trailer
Steering system Hitches
Wheel alignment Suspension
Suspension Brake system
Brake system Emergency brakes
Wheels / tires Wheels / tires
Fuel system Rear metal frame
Exhaust system Rear wheel flaps
Bumpers Lights
Fenders Electrical system
Lights Fenders
Electrical system
Glazing (windows)
Hood / catches
Door handle latches
Floor / trunk pans
Speedometer / odometer
Driver seat
Safety belts
Motor mounts
Gear shift indicator
Universal and CV (constant velocity) joints
Emissions equipment

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