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Having a pre-purchase inspection performed on a vehicle you are interested in aquiring will give you peace of mind on how the vehicle looks mechanically today and what maintenance and repairs it may need in the near future. Keep in mind though, while many breakdowns can be avoided through proper maintenance, some breakdowns are unavoidable and cannot be predicted. The purpose of our pre-purchase inspection is to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

Newly registered vehicles in the state of Maryland need to pass a Maryland State Inspection.

We offer three different types of pre-purchase inspections:

Peace of Mind: $79.95

We test drive the vehicle and lift the vehicle to perform our 66-point safety inspection to check the general overall condition and safety needs of the vehicle. We will provide digital images of issues we find, as well as estimated repair costs. Additionally, we will pull a health report from the vehicles internal computer systems to check for any current or history codes in all of the systems, provide a Carfax service report as well as check for any manufacturer recalls and Technical Service Bulletins. Lastly, we will provide what we feel is an appropriate asking price based on current market value and condition.

Maryland State Safety Inspection

This is Required for all newly registered vehicles in the state of Maryland. If you are purchasing from an independent seller a MSI will be required.

Passenger Cars and 1/2 Ton Trucks w/Single Rear Wheels $90.00
3/4 & 1 Ton Trucks & Vans with Single Rear Wheels $125.00
3/4 and 1 Ton Trucks and Vans Over 10,000 lbs. w/Dual Rear Wheels $225.00

Bumper To Bumper $79.95 + your cost of an MSI

This is a combination of the MSI and the Peace of Mind. We will pull all reports, provide the recommended pricing, check over all systems as well as provide a Maryland State Inspection so you would be able to tag and title the vehicle.

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