Four Signs Your Power Steering Pump Is Going Bad

Nearly all vehicles are equipped with power steering these days. Whether full-power, power-assist, fluid, or electric, it’s much easier to turn your vehicle today than it was decades ago. Will your power steering give you an indication that something is amiss before it fails completely? It will in most cases. Auto Correct Car Care recommends you pay attention for the following signs.

Noise When Turning

Your steering wheel shouldn’t make noise when you turn it to the right or left and if it does, your power steering pump might be failing or you might have low power steering fluid if your vehicle’s power steering system uses fluid. Don’t take chances and ignore this warning sign. Hopefully, it’s something as simple as low power steering fluid, but you’ll want to replace the pump if that’s the problem.

Slow Response

Another sign you are the road to problems with your power steering pump is if the steering wheel doesn’t respond as it normally does. For example, assume you are making a right turn and you notice that your steering wheel is not turning your car, truck, or SUV as sharply as it normally does. Something is amiss with your power steering system or suspension if this happens, so it’s best to get it checked out.


You know how your steering wheel feels and if anything changes in that feeling there’s something wrong. Your wheel should not become stiffer or looser nor should it stick or loosen in spurts while you’re turning it. If the wheel tightens or feels as if it gives, you might have a problem with your power steering pump or the tie rod. Have your power steering inspected if you notice unusual stiffness.

Squeals When You Start the Ignition

You drag yourself out to your car with your coffee in hand. You get in and start the ignition. You hear a squealing sound that could wake the dead; it sure woke you up. A squealing sound when you first start your car that you cannot point toward a belt is your power steering pump. The noise is a sign it’s about to die and you’ll need to replace it. You may also hear squeals when you turn the steering wheel.

Finally, your power steering system might groan, too, if the pump is going bad or you are running low on fluid. Call Auto Correct Car Care in Finksburg, MD, to set up an appointment for a power steering system inspection.