Common Problems with your Power Windows

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Most of today’s vehicles are sold with power windows standard.  And they are great, until they stop working for some reason and you can’t use your windows.  Below are some common problems when your power windows stop working correctly.

Blown Fuse

If all of the windows stop working, then the issue could be a blown fuse.  Most fuses are located either under the dashboard or the hood and are normally relatively inexpensive to replace.

Broken wire or switch

The problem could be in the switch itself.  It is in not making contact with the rest of the system then the signal is not relayed that the window needs to move up or down.  Conversely, if there is a break in the electrical wiring or it is corroded, then the signal cannot be relayed either.  In both instances, the door panel will need to be removed and the electrical current will need to be checked and traced to determine where the failure has occurred.

Window Motor and Regulator

The window motor, along with the regulator, controls the movement of the window pane.  If either of these are showing signs of wear then this could cause the window to “stick” as it goes up or slow down.  At times they will stop working completely causing the window to not move. If the regulator cable breaks it could cause the window to fall down in the door and be able to go back up.

Window off track

The window pane rides on a track that is moved by the window motor and regulator.  If the window has fallen off track or is misaligned, then this could cause the window to not move, or to ascend lopsided or crooked.  To fix this issue the door panel would need to be removed and the window pane would need to be re-positioned and secured on the tracks.

If you are having trouble with your windows working properly call us at  Auto Correct Car Care and we can check over the window and determine what the issues are.

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