How Diagnostic Checks Save You Money

Let’s start with a little history lesson. Volkswagen used the first computer chip in its automobiles in 1968. This computer chip operated Bosch’s electronic fuel injection system and car systems being run by computers was born. Now, your car is basically a gigantic computer system, and mechanics use diagnostic checks to identify issues. We use them at Auto Correct Car Care, too, because they save our customers money and time. Here’s how they do so.

Check All Systems

When you bring your vehicle into our shop and we hook it up to the diagnostic machine, we are hooking up your vehicle’s main computer to the machine. Your main computer then tests each system, e.g. anti-lock brake, electrical, ignition, etc., and collects data that it feeds back to the diagnostic machine. Once the test is complete, we print that data in the form of a report, which we then read to…

Isolate the Problem

The report will tell us whether each system is operating as it should be or whether the system returned an error. The error is shown in the form of a code and each code identifies a specific problem. For example, a P2196 code means your oxygen sensor detects too rich of an air-to-fuel ratio in your exhaust. This is a sign of trouble in your oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor among other problems.

Save Us Diagnostic Time

As you can imagine, it’s much quicker for us to diagnose oxygen sensor trouble by reading a code than it is to take apart your catalytic converter to test the sensor by hand. A vehicle diagnostic check saves us diagnostic time, which in turn saves you labor time and related charges. In some cases, we’ll still need to conduct a visual inspection, but the diagnostic check can point us in the right direction which will…

Save Us Repair Time

Using the error code above as an example, we would start work immediately on your exhaust system to repair the richness in the fuel mixture. We don’t need to waste time. We know what we need to replace so we can check to make sure we have the part in stock, which we usually do, and then replace it to get you back on the road. Your time is precious – we get that.

Less diagnostic and repair time means less time we’re working on your vehicle. This saves you money. Less time we’re working on your vehicle means less time in the shop. This saves you time. Now you understand how a diagnostic check saves you money. Bring your vehicle into Auto Correct Car Care in Finksburg, MD, today or call us at 443-290-5724 to set up a diagnostic check appointment.

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