Things to Look for in a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

It’s a good idea to have a used automobile inspected before you buy it; even if the dealer certifies it. They do conduct a thorough check of all used vehicles they place on their sales lot, but they are also invested in offloading the car, truck or SUV. An independent inspection ensures there isn’t anything the dealer missed, and this goes both ways. An independent inspection might miss something a dealer will catch. Auto Correct Car Care recommends the following be included in a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

Gauges and Lights

You want to ensure all the vehicle gauges and lights work, not only on the dashboard but the interior cabin and exterior lights, too. An inspector can test the gauges and dashboard warning lights. If any of the warning lights stay on, there’s a problem. You can visually inspect the cabin lights and exterior lights.

Belts, Filters, Fluids and Hoses

The engine should be inspected thoroughly with particular attention paid to the belts, filters, fluids and hoses. These are things can be replaced at minimal costs, so it might be worth replacing them if some are showing signs of wear, are dirty or are low. It’s better to be safe than to end up with a broken belt.

Engine Inspection

The entire engine should be inspected for wear, rust, dirt, grime or other signs of trouble. Each system within the engine should be checked for the above as well as leaks or other damage. For example, the inspector should check the spark plugs and wires for wear and the radiator for rust among other things.

Underneath the Vehicle

The used vehicle should have a complete underneath and undercarriage inspection including the brake system, steering, suspension, tires, shock or struts and undercarriage. Damage underneath an automobile can be dangerous and expensive. You want to make certain everything is okay below.

Body Damage

The inspection underneath the vehicle will also reveal body damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Exterior damage can be fixed and the owner selling the vehicle might even say it has never been in an accident. A body inspection detects scars, if you will, that confirm the vehicle has been damaged.

Auto Correct Car Care in Finksburg, MD, performs pre-purchase inspections. If you are interested in a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, please call us at 443-290-5724 for more information and to set up an appointment. We’d be happy to inspect thoroughly any vehicle you wish to purchase and give it the thumbs up.

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