When Your Tires Become Dangerous in the Rain and Snow

One of the worst things you can do in terms of safety is drive on wet roads with bald tires. With winter knocking on our door, it’s time to have your wheels inspected to ensure you stay safe when the precipitation falls. The first 10 minutes after rain begins are the most dangerous; will your tires grip an oily, slick surface? Auto Correct Car Care can inspect them and give you the peace of mind you need to know your vehicle is ready to handle whatever Mother Nature sends its way.

Hydroplaning Basics

Hydroplane means to slip due to moisture. If your vehicle’s tires are forced to handle more water than they can handle, they will lose grip on the road and your car, truck or SUV will hydroplane. This is a terrifying experience, especially at high speeds. Once your vehicle begins to skid on the wet surface, you can quickly lose control and cause an accident.

What Causes a Vehicle to Hydroplane?

Fully-treaded tires have grooves through which water flows. The better the tread the more groove space to handle the water. While driving on wet roads, pressure caused by the tires’ motion pushes the water through the grooves to keep the tires on the road. Bald tires are almost flat on the road. The lack of tread prevents the pressure to scatter the water through the grooves and away from the tires.

Once the tires lose their grip on the road they are, in essence, floating on top of the water; the tires literally separate from the asphalt. Add to that oil deposits and road grime and you have a slippery mess that can literally spin your vehicle in circles. This is one way your tires become dangerous to you and your passengers in the rain and snow. Bald tires will not protect the vehicle against hydroplaning.

Underinflated Tires Are Dangerous, Too

Tires that are not inflated to their recommended psi also pose a risk on wet roads. Underinflated tires are flatter than properly inflated tires, and this affects how they grip asphalt and push water through the tread. The flatter the tire, the less groove depth, which then creates the same driving conditions mentioned above. If the water cannot channel through the tread, the tires are lifted off the road.

Don’t risk you or your family’s safety this winter. Have your tires inspected now to ensure they are ready to tackle the upcoming rain and snow. Auto Correct Car Care is located in Finksburg, MD, and we can inspect your tires and replace them if necessary. Call us today at 443-290-5724.

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