Why regular maintenance is important

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For many, maintaining their vehicle simply means changing the oil, but there is much more that goes into properly maintaining your vehicle and there are many benefits from doing so.

Safety: Of course the most important benefit would be having a safe vehicle. By having your vehicle maintained and regularly checked over you will know that the vehicle you are carrying your family around in is safe. All parts on a vehicle will wear. Regular brake inspections and replacing tires and suspension parts when recommended can go a long way into making sure the vehicle will be safe.

Fuel Mileage and Performance: A well maintained vehicle will simply perform better than a vehicle that has been neglected. All fluids, including oil, serve as lubricants to the metal parts in your vehicle. As they cycle they will break down and gather debris. Without routine fluid services this dirt and debris will gather on those parts and can decrease performance and fuel mileage. By maintaining your fluids you will reduce the heat and friction that occurs in your vehicles drivetrain and steering systems thus reducing wear and tear. Some typical fluid services that should be performed in addition to a regular oil change are: Transmission Fluid, Differential’s (both front and rear), Power Steering, Transfer Case (All-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive) and Cooling System (Anti-Freeze)

Confidence and Budgeting: The idea of maintenance is to prevent things from happening , rather than being reactive to repair broken issues. While break downs do occur, the likelihood of unexpected failure decreases when a vehicle has been properly maintained and regularly seen by a repair facility. They can let you know when things are looking worn and when recommended service is due, thereby preparing you for the repairs and giving you a chance to budget for the expense rather than be surprised by a repair bill.

Extends the Life, Maintains the value of your car: You can tell the difference between a well maintained car and one that is neglected. By performing regular maintenance, the life of the vehicle can be greatly extended and will increase your resale value should you ever privately sell the car.

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