How does the summer heat affect my vehicle?

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There are many articles out there about how the cold, winter weather can have an effect on your vehicle, but what about those hot and humid summer days that we can get here in Finksburg, MD?  Well, there are many systems in a vehicle that do not react well to the heat.


Actually, the battery can be affected by the hot weather just as much as the cold.  Batteries are made up of water and acid, in the heat the water can evaporate, compromising the chemical balance of the battery and decreasing its ability to retain a charge.  Heat can also increase corrosion on the battery terminals, causing a poor connection.  Add to that, in the summertime we add on a heavy electrical load with the air conditioning.  At Auto Correct Car Care, we are able to test your battery and determine if it is charging fully or is in need of replacing.


High temperatures can cause the air inside the tires to expand, affecting the tire pressure. That expanded air can possibly cause tire bulges which can lead to blowouts. Riding on under or over inflated tires can not only damage the tires and cause them to wear uneven, but can also cause issues to your suspension. Hot tires do not mix well with hot pavement.  The best defense is to check your pressure regularly and make sure that it is set according to what the manufacturer has recommended. This can be found on the door panel. We regularly check and set your tire pressure with every oil change.

Cooling System

The main function of the cooling system is to remove the heat from the engine and cool it off while it is running through its combustion cycle.  It can be especially important to maintain in the summer heat when external temperatures can also increase the overall temperature of the engine. You want to make sure to maintain the proper coolant mixture level in your radiator and reservoir bottle at all times.

Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s AC actually cools the outside air by pulling heat and moisture from the air.  On high humid days you may see a puddle of water under your vehicle, this would be from the air conditioning removing the moisture.  The system can only remove so much moisture, moisture in air makes it feel warmer.  When we have higher relative humidity days the air coming out of your vents may feel warmer because of the amount of moisture still in the air.  If your air conditioning stays warm for several days, then you should bring your vehicle in to have the air conditioning tested and evaluated.


Your engine gets very hot normally when running, add in the increase in outside temperature during the summer months and keeping the hot engine lubricated becomes very important.  It is important to stay on top of your routine maintenance and check your oil levels.

While the summer heat can take its toll on your vehicle, keeping up with your regular maintenance schedules will help minimize the effects.